Using a Pick Playing or Finger Style

guitar finger stylePeople do get confused and find it pretty hard to make the right call between a pick playing or finger style. If you are looking for the perfect comparison between these two guitar styles and willing to select the one best suited to your needs, just read out the article carefully.  Both these styles are valid and widely used but each has its own space. Many great musicians will use pick playing while many others have opted for the finger style. There seems to be no correct answer but our article will outline some important thoughts on this crucial topic.

An Important Query – Why?

Why you need to select the pick playing or why must apply your fingers? Ideally, you need to find an important answer to the query and it will entirely depend on the sound you want. Other important points to consider are the convenience and how quickly you can execute one style. Ultimately the note you want to generate will help in making the final call and you need to select the technique accordingly and work on that.

For many individuals, there are certain styles like metal which sounds perfectly with a pick. If you feel like pick playing will give you the best tone and fits your style, you must not hesitate a bit in selecting the pick guitar. On the other hand, there are some individuals who enjoy style like funk and prefer finger style playing. In simple words, you must focus on the sound rather than technique in order to generate the desired outcomes.

Surely, there are countless guitarists worldwide who like to stick with a pick as they do find it hard or frustrating when one of their hands is more active than other. Finger style demands a lot of work and dedication which is a bit hard for most of the musicians. According to my own opinion, a professional guitarist must try hard to develop both techniques and try to find the best one between finger style or pick playing.

Finger Style – An Introduction

Finger style is best suited for the people who want to enjoy better tonal variety and have more control on their fingers. You will definitely find it lot easier to switch between fingers and slap method. Another huge positive point is, you will surely not forget to use your fingers on the gig or play them. Generally, people who want to apply finger style need to execute bit more effort to learn out the art. The sole reason behind pick playing more preferred is, both methods have similar muting and technical problems but pick playing is easy to learn.

Pick Playing – An Introduction

Pick playing method is extremely popular as you can easily develop the speed in pretty quick time. If you are new to the music world and trying hard to gain intensive speed, there is no other better option than pick playing. Definitely, you can develop similar speed with finger style but you must invest more time and effort. When you apply different types of picks it becomes possible to achieve numerous tones and experimenting become lot easier.

Final Words

There is no perfect or right way to play the guitar. As long as you are able to generate the desired tone or sound with one method, there is no need to change it. Both pick playing and finger style is applied to produce the right tone so always focus on sound and not technique.

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