7 Guitar Exercises to Practice Faster

You are here because you are unaware of few guitar exercises too because you want to improve your guitar playing and practicing speed. Many of you face this problem since; you are unaware of the exercises to start off which, as a result, while playing, you face problems in moving your fingers and get cramps, etc. So, for your help, these are a few exercises to try out which will help you to practice faster.

guitar exercises

#1. Warm-Up exercises: Before you start to practice and play, it is always a good option to warm up your hands, fingers, and mind. This should include exercises which involve all your four fret fingers and hand and also requires proper concentration for picking precision. Again, you can switch to three frets and two fret hands one after the other if needed. This will have to be done for some time, depending on your speed, mental condition, concentration and energy levels. Do this every time before you start practicing. The regular you warm up, the faster you get.

warm ups exercises

Diagonal chromatic warm-up

#2 Try the runs: This means going up and down the scales monotonously to improve and free your muscles for hand movement. Try a different combination of strings and do repetitive runs. Linear and staggered movements while doing the runs will be very helpful.

#3 Finger picking: Finger picking is a good exercise for your fingers since it requires you to pick the strings of the guitar in a very fast pace to produce clean and toned tunes. It is always better to use your fingers than a pick since; you can use each finger to strike a different string when you are playing the leads. Bare fingers also produce heat in the fingers generated from the striking of the strings which gets you going. If you have heard about the ‘pull up and snap’ technique, this is a good exercise for your index finger.

#4 Hammer on exercises: hammer onTry out pull offs, hammer on, and slides to make your movements smooth. It requires you to pick up a note, and then going down to another note on the same string line and then, coming back to the Note chosen first. You can also play a higher note and then descend on with flicks. Make sure to give a tiny interval in between playing the higher note and going down and coming back up again.

#5 Using metronome: A metronome is a device which you will find in most of the musical instrument stores. Start off with slow tempos and increase it as you get used to each level until you reach a point which is beyond your capabilities. This can also be done in between practices and next time when you sit for practice again (say, the next day), do the tempos again and trying a higher level which was impossible to achieve the last time you practiced. This will eventually improve your speed day by day.

#6 Learn all the scales by heart: If you learn all the scales by heart, you would not have to spend time recalling all the scales or looking at any book in between your exercise. Since, you have all the scales in mind; you can start exercising with the scales without any pauses, play slowly and increase in speed as soon as you master the specific speed level. If you don’t pause in between practicing your speed will increase eventually. It is suggested that you start off with the C major scale in this case and move on to another after that scale is done.

#7 Dedicate proper time, practice and repeat: Last but not the least, you have to dedicate a lot of time in playing the guitar or else you will lack in a few sectors. Practice daily so that you do not forget what you have done and lose your accuracy and fitness. Even if you have mastered a scale that does not mean you won’t go back to it. You have to repeat the same scales from time to time, regularly, because you never know, when your fingers get used to another scale and forget the previous ones.

Now you know about the few basic exercises which will be enough to help you improve your guitar playing and practice. If you love your instrument and treat it as your friend, play with it daily and keep up your confidence, you will succeed one day.

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