Finding a career as concierge

Finding a career as concierge

New kind of services and career are emerging owing to the change in economies around the world, let us look into one such career that is amazing in many ways.


How promising is a concierge career?

As a Vip concierge, you will be required to perform a set of services to manage the high-profile events. It has to be assured that no problems are encountered in the smooth functioning of the shows that are going on. As guests list basically includes A-listers, one has to be equally presentable to prevent any offense.

There are other set of requirements for concierge service to be kept in mind for promotions in career. You need to be well-versed in carrying out the following tasks:

  • Ensuring VIP arrival and departure from the venue safely
  • Securing the VIP guests from getting into any scuffle, this kind of incident is more prevalent when guests are celebrities
  • May also require escorting the guests from and to the airport

Another set of services under Vip concierge

We discussed the services offered on a professional level by an individual. But while talking about the wide set of services offered by these Vip concierge firms, helicopter services are also included. Following services are offered under VIP concierge that is as follows:

  • Providing hampers and champagne
  • Maintaining a pleasant flying experience in the charter
  • Luxury cars are provided for hire

Who is a part of the high profile VIP events?

As it is evident, VIPs include CEOs of the top-notch companies or political personalities who come to participate in international summits. Film award functions, sports events, political or economic gatherings and so on.

So, the scope for Vip concierge firms is far and wide and one can also seek for making a career in this segment. As a customer, you can pay up using gold MasterCard which is quick and immediate in cash transactions.

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