Moving into new place is not easy but what’s harder you ask? Unpacking. Unpacking is the hardest of them all because best movers and packers in UAE would help you with the packing task but the unpacking is all on you which makes it difficult because it isn’t only about shoving your garage tools in a box but it is now about setting them on their place. Here are some tips to help you organize your newly moved garage:

  • Categorize

This is the simple and most basic trick which will get you through any kind of organization. Find three huge bins or shoppers or boxes or any such thing and categorize them into garbage, recycle, donation and keep pile. Think carefully through things because if a box of tool set which you haven’t seem to use since last 2 years is probably not going to be useful in the next two – donate it. That one decoration box which was supposed to have all recycle items is already used enough – throw it away. Your punctured tyre still has potential – recycle it.

  • Boxes the categorized items

Once you have sorted out all the wanted things now you will have to move on to sorting them according to categories. Keep the blankets and throw pillows in a different box and holiday decorations in different one. Consider shelving and make sure that you are keeping the fragile items at a side so that it does not mix up with the regular ones. Stack the containers one on the other in such a manner that big unwanted unnecessary boxes are kept the lowest and the fragile items are tacked up above.

  • Shelving

People often forget this one very important task which we believe puts everything into perspective. Never think that a completely empty garage with open floor space is what you need. This could be the biggest mistake as when you stack boxes you will see how much floor space it consumes. Shelves can save you big time so can hooks and little such space saving materials which you should definitely look forward to. Stop filling your floor with boxes which would consume your car space because at the end of the day garage is meant for car parking.

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