Running a home based business can be challenging task for you because there will be no physical place of your home based business and your entire business is being run on digital media. So we can also say that your business will be dependent on marketing. If you are providing quality cakes to your customers but you are not showing these cakes to your customers then there will be less selling of your cakes. So you need to make proper marketing strategy for your company. There are many home based bakeries in Dubai which are providing birthday cakes Dubai. There are also companies of gifts delivery in Dubai which are home based. Here is complete guide for you by which you can do marketing of your bakery.

Do social media marketing:

Social media is a place where you can find multiple customers at a time. As you are running small home based business so it will not be feasible for you to do marketing on electronic media. So social media is easily affordable for you and you can also do it by yourself if you know about social media marketing. It will also give you advantage that there are multiple users on social media and you can target of any age group.

Use packaging material of your label:

You should use packaging material for your bakery which will contain name and logo of your bakery. Although it is minor thing but it will matter a lot if you think by the point of view of public. So using customized packaging material will always give you advantage.

Start giveaways:

Giveaways are best ways to do marketing of your bakery. You can offer these giveaways on various occasions and you can also do pair up with social media influencers to start your giveaways. It will give you advantage in both ways that you can also do marketing through influencers.

Collaborate with other companies:

You can also do collaboration with other companies to do marketing of your bakery. As you are running your own bakery so you can offer them your cakes and other edible items and in the return they will have to do marketing of your company. You can collaborate with them in many ways and it depends on you that either you do long term collaboration or short term collaboration.