The time has come to automate meeting rooms in Abu Dhabi and there are many ways to go about it. Organizations that provides more than co working and startup office spaces should take steps to elevate meetings rooms by getting rid of conventional set ups. Employees of such organizations should be provided with simple user interfaces such as touch screen control panels, wireless and walls/desks mounted to control the many features present in a conference room. 

Centralized control of devices in meeting rooms would prevent delays such as adjustments of shades, lights and equipments of the presentation from different angles. Automation of meeting rooms have made it easier to conduct meetings that too in a short span of time through the usage of predetermined modes for videoconferences and presentations. It is imperative that meeting rooms should be prepped up with a wireless set up otherwise it would lead to chaos in the form of individuals relying on Apple, Windows and Android compatible cables to get their tasks going. Using features such as remote screen sharing and multi site collaborations can come in handy by allowing individuals to connect to meetings remotely without being there physically. 

Looking for a place that offers top notch services when it comes to co working in Dubai can work well for startups during the initial stages. To better explain it a financially weak individual would find it challenging to make their startup known to the wider public due to it being costly. In most cases any sane person would shelve their potential startup but there are ways to go about it. For instance when it comes to the overall cost being too high for a startup to function the founder would be better off by joining co working spaces. The upsides of joining co working spaces are they offer monthly  subscriptions along with shared office equipments with tenants eventually making it economical for a startup to function.  

By joining co working spaces, founders have the opportunity to network and meet likeminded individuals who eventually might end up being partners, employees or even customers in the near future. Not everyone can afford to conduct professional meetings in high profile clubs and at the same time meeting at a coffee club would look informal hence it is imperative that founders should book their meetings in a reliable company that offers not only co working environments but automated meetings rooms too.