No, the article is for females only because females need closet. There are so many things which women can keep in their closet but main things are:

Jeans and pants: Jeans are the most useful clothes; therefore, buy them as much as you can. Try to fill your closet with different kinds of pants and jeans. Instead of keeping skinny jeans only, choose some rip jeans, baggy pants, simple jeans and many others. Moreover, keep blue, black, grey and white jeans in the cupboard, as everyday fashion blogs say, so that you would have variety of bottoms that could contrast with all of your tops and shirts easily. However, you can pick other colors as well to add some more variety and colors. Furthermore, buy at least one embroidered pant if you love needle work. 

Frocks and dresses: They are must to keep because they can get you ready for any gathering and event within minutes. You can keep some straight dresses of short length and a few long maxis of different colors that would have frills and belts which can make you look chic instantly. However, keep some heels and decent jewelry with the dresses too so that you don’t need to run to shop whenever there is wedding. Besides, keep some makeup and lotions as well to beautify yourself. You can even buy simple frocks which you can wear daily at home too. 

Tops and shirts: If you have not kept tops and shorts, then no one is more foolish than you. Try to fill your closet with so many shorts so that you would have clothes to wear always. You can buy different kinds of shirts and tops for cheap. You can go to market and buy some sweatshirts, button-up shirts, frilled shirts which you can wear in kiddy parties, stand-up collar shorts and many others from a single store. You can wear them with any jeans and pants to get ready instantly. They will keep you comfortable and presentable too.

Accessories: As mentioned above, keep different kinds of accessories in the cupboard too. Besides jewelry, makeup and shoes, have some bags and caps too. You need to have a few belts and upper as well which can beautify and enhance your clothes a lot. You can even buy copies of bracelets and earrings of fashion week shows for cheap from fleet street to fill the drawers.

So, these are a few things which you should keep in the cupboard and make your lives easier and colorful.