Canada is considered as one of the most peaceful country and now many persons try to migrate to Canada due to its better economic condition. If the persons don’t want to live their permanently then they visit to Canada for temporary so it means that in the past few years it has become favorite tourist destination. You can migrate to Canada from any country but the rules of every country differ from each other according to the law of country. You can easily get Canada immigration from Dubai. You can also go for Abu Dhabi US visa but it depends on you and your country of interest. But before applying to any country you must know about different types of visas of that country. If you want to visit to Canada then firstly you should get information about different types of visas. So you should read this article to know about different types of visas.

Who can apply for Canadian visa?

If you are living in any country other than Canada and its government has not given exemption for visa then you will have to apply for Canadian visa. There are different requirements of every types of visa and you will have to fulfill the requirements in order to get visa.

Types of visas:

There are different types of visas such as temporary visa, permanent visa, express entry visa, work visa, student visa and visitor visa. So you can apply for these visas according to your purpose of visiting to Canada.

Permanent Canada visas:

These types of visas are offered to the persons who are eligible to live permanently in Canada. These are also known as immigrant visas. There are different types of permanent visas such as immigrant investor program, start-up visa program, self-employed persons visa, family sponsorship and live in caregiver program.

Express entry visas:

It is also considered as electronic immigration program which is especially designed by government of Canada. Persons from whole world can apply for this visa. This type of visa consists of Federal skilled trades program, Federal skilled worker program, provincial nomination program and Canadian experience class. You can apply online for this type of visa and then you will be offered different points. The persons who will get more points will be eligible for this visa and they will be offered permanent residency in Canada.

Temporary visas:

These types of visas allow persons to live in Canada for specific tenure and after that you will have leave Canada after that tenure. It includes work visa, student visa, tourist visa, business visa and official visa.