Health is one of the great blessing for a person as any disturbance in it is going to effect one’s physical and mental well being in a number of ways. So health should be the first priority for a person and he should take every possible step inorder to maintain it. Nowadays health is a major issue worldwide as a number of new diseases is threatening human life. Secondly a number of medications are becoming resistant which is again a huge problem for the doctors to control certain diseases. In such complicated scenario people must aware themselves to follow every precaution and consult doctor immediately if needed as early diagnosing can cure the disease in the best possible way. Following are some very common diseases that are being faced by the people of dubai.


Type 2 diabetes is one of the very common disease among the people in dubai. In this condition pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin that is sufficient to fulfil the body’s requirement as absorption of glucose is very important for the production of energy and can not be done until there is sufficient amount of insulin present in the body. So this condition makes the life of a patient very difficult as the person feel lethargic and is unable to perform daily life activities. So the person should consult the best endocrinologist in Dubai so that his condition could be handled in the most appropriate way.

Cardiovascular disease:

The leading cause of death in dubai is the cardiovascular disease in which the person normally suffers from chest and left arm pain. In this condition sufficient amount of blood is not transported to heart due to clogged arteries which will ultimately create a stress on heart leading to conditions like heart attack. So these patients must maintain a routine checkup with their specialist and should be very responsible when it comes to their treatment and lifestyle modifications.

Shoulder impingement:

This is another huge problem faced by alot of people and it makes their life very much difficult. This condition involves inflammation of tendons of the rotator cuff muscles and it makes impossible for the patient to move arm in the upward position. Such patients should immediate visit a shoulder specialist UAE in order to reduce the intensity of pain and relieve the symptoms.