In order for a hospital to have competitive advantage it must hire the best dentist in Sharjah, it is important to allow the dentists the freedom to innovate and bring diversity into their clinics. To be the best gynecologist in Dubai the doctor would need to figure out ways to make their patient comfortable.

Focus on gaining first mover advantage: No dental clinic would survive by persisting with the same strategies over and over. Sure such strategies can work in the short run but when it comes to the longer run the  dentist would be driven out of competition. This is why it is imperative that the dentist needs to figure out ways to be able to contribute to the functionality of the hospital. Perhaps the dentist should think of automating his or her dentistry procedures and routines. For example there have been incidences when a dentist could not operate in one corner of the mouth, this is where robots can come in handy although it still remains a concept. The robot performs the most complex tasks in no time. By utilizing the services of Industry 4.0 dentists would be allowed to focus on more important tasks. Similarly a dentist can automate the process of booking appointments by allowing patients to use an online platform.

Misconception of being replaced: Critics might argue that the likes of Artificial Intelligence would completely take over dental clinics although it is not possible. Firstly the robot  performing surgery would have to be guided by the dentist through a remote control. Secondly there is still a need of a receptionist in the hospital to be notified of appointments being booked especially when there are number of patients who have booked.

Females need to focus on opening up: If stats go on to show that there have been a decrease in the number of patients visiting gynecologist, it could come down to it simply being a taboo in the society. Females do not feel comfortable in talking about their issues. A smart gynecologist is one who can attract female patients by promoting awareness and encourage them to feel comfortable in reaching out. This can be done through various social media platforms. This should pave ways for females to throng the clinic in no time. It is imperative that the gynecologist is experienced and has the required techniques to take a look at a female’s reproductive system.