CHD or congenital heart disease is something which not a lot of people are aware of which is why it often leads to severe conditions. Here we have lined up a few facts which everyone should be aware of so that they can help others around them and look for the best cardiology hospital in Dubai when needed.

  • It is not uncommon for children to be born with heart disease as there are around one million babies born each year around the globe with such conditions.
  • If you calculate that one million to the ratio of babies born, you would see that every 1 in 120 babies is born with the condition.
  • The same way if you divide the ratio to the cancerous patients or babies, every 1 child in 60 is suffering from heart disease. This means that there is at least one case of heart disease when put together with 60 cancer ones.
  • 25 percent of children born with congenital heart disease often require an intervention during their first year of life due to the critical form. It is extremely hard to go by without one.
  • Pulse oximetry screening helps in measuring the oxygen levels in blood and with this technology, the death rate of infants due to heart conditions have seen a significant decline in it.
  • You won’t know but you could be one of the 1.4 million adults living with CHD. You need to get it checked if you possess any symptoms.
  • As mentioned previously, the death rate has declined, simultaneously the survival rates have increased up to 30 percent in the past decade all due to the increased technology and innovative treatments.
  • If your child is now above the age of 12 then you should take your child to cardiac doctor near me instead of the regular paediatric cardiologist as now the child is out of infancy state and is growing up which could require more care.
  • Due to the increased survival rate, there is 85% of chance for the child with heart condition to live up into adulthood instead of deceasing before that.
  • Healthy exercise for an hour daily is highly recommended to heart patients. The severity of the exercise can be consulted through a cardiologist.

Stay safe and spread the awareness.