People of the past had a very lower range of depression as compared to people of this era. They were remained their selves busy in different everyday tasks and had no time to overthink over tiny things. But as we talk about people of this era, they have a lot of machinery and technology to make their everyday work easier and they are now more dependent on artificial intelligence that they will get more free time to overthink over things which are of no value, this thing makes them sick mentally and if the condition persists then they will become physically sick too. To avoid this situation they need to visit the best psychiatrist Dubai so that they will get proper treatment for their ailment. If they make any delay in their treatment then they will become more ill as their condition will become worse day by day without them knowing about it and then there comes a time when they start thinking about self-harm and suicide. When a person starts developing the suicidal thoughts then returning back for him or her is very difficult. If they got treatment and become well even though there are chances for these people to return back to their previous condition and take their life away. 

People who have depression Dubai are the people who lived a healthy life as other normal people do but this state of depression crawls in to their mind little by little. People around depressed person often think that he was ok few days back and now what happened to him but they never realized that the depressed person was not ok even for years he had irritating thoughts in his mind and due to not taking to anyone these thoughts will grew bigger and bigger in their minds. It is like a seed which we sow in the ground, when it is a little sapling it is easier to take it away and throw out if the garden if it get stale but if the seed grow up to the tree then it will be difficult to throw out the tree as its roots were far below the ground, same is with depression. When it is new it can be treated easily but when it grow roots inside the mind then its cure is very difficult.