Having a baby is the most wonderful thing that a woman has. She gains weight and look beautiful at the same time, she works and manages her body and makes sure that every step she takes is careful just for the baby. We think that this is a magic road and there are many kinds of miracles that take place during pregnancy and at the time of delivering the baby as well. We have narrowed down a list of weird facts that are actually true and because of many reasons, scientists and the best urologists in Dubai are left baffled as well and that is also why we call it miracles.

The first weird and true fact is that when the baby develops ears, eyes and when it starts kicking, it is said that the baby can actually see things around, hear the outside world and even feels around. This is a fact because there was a couple who had a kid, he was 7 years old and they went in a wedding and the background had some music that was never played before because it was way to old. So, as soon as the music played, the kid said the he had heard that song before and the parents swore that they or the kid could never hear this song and only when the mom was pregnant with him. There was also a case, in which the baby never kicked, but whenever the mom passed by a jazz club, or heard jazz music on the TV, the baby kicked.

It is also the weirdest fact that the babies cry inside the womb as told by a fertility clinic in Dubai. This has been captured many times that when the scan is done and the pictures come out, the baby has a wide mouth open and the doctors say that babies do cry. And that is also why, when the babies are born, they are held upside down and slapped, so that the water in womb that goes in their mouth don’t go in the airways or in the lungs. This is also a fun and weird fact that the babies can taste what the mothers eat, this was proven that when a mom eats her favorite food, the baby kicks but it is not necessary. This is also why women are said to avoid drinking alcohol.