So quite often we get confused about the actual services delivered by a concierge. Let me give you the lexical meaning of it first for a better insight into the topic that I am to discuss about- ‘ a member of a hotel staff in charge of special services for guests, as arranging for theater tickets or tours’. Our life is full of challenges wherein we juggle work, leisure, family, finance, kids and a whole lot of other peripheries. Concierge service providers not only make our lives a lot easier and organized; it also increases the quality of it.

Concierge service
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There is an array of chores that are provided by a concierge service that range from:

  • Booking hotels for you
  • Recommending the right kind of sports and entertainment for you
  • Making reservations in theatres, operas, book readings and such other activities that might interest you.
  • Making research based on your likings.


  • CORPORATE – With a complex work life and major outsourcing in the corporate sector of the 21st century the quality of life has reduced drastically. Here’s where such services sorts your life out.
  • PERSONAL – Any problem in your timetable and schedule in general, can be easily solved by the concierge services.
  • RESIDENTIAL–   The term concierge services came into being, (originating in France) due to such services provided in elite houses to lead a luxurious and enriched life.


Now I would have the most probable question in my mind, what would a concierge service cost me? It can cost you from anything close to 110$ per hour to 300$ per week. So enjoy your life and put all your worries at bay by paying with your gold master card!

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