Fake news is all around us. From selling a product to selling their story, people can add false facts and untrue things to them irrespective of the consequences of their actions. In the world of today where even the smallest news spreads out like a wildfire, there are so many fake news which people tend to believe without properly researching the facts. This is the reason you should always first check the reference and authenticity of the news before believing it. But how does one know that the UAE local news is broadcasting truth or not? Here’s how:

  1. Creator

Have you noticed how there are some news channels which you don’t trust when they portray a devastating news and you instead want to switch to a trust worthy channel such as Construction News in Dubai to validate the information? This is exactly how you verify any news by knowing the creator behind it and if they are authentic enough to be trusted.

  • Message

If you are familiar with the elements of news then you may also know that every news have some consequences to discuss or some kind of message to leave behind. If you want to determine the fake news then you will have to pay close attention to the details and see if there is a mention of some message left behind or quotes or famous personalities that weighed in about the matter and wanted everyone to know.

  • Reason

This is the last thing about news which you need to give a serious thought to. If you have determined a fake news about an area being flooded and the news suggesting you to donate the helpers then you must research beforehand and see if the real reason behind the fake news was to ask for donation under false pretences or to advertise about something or to earn money or fame. The reasons could be endless and it’s you who will have to determine what it could be.

  • Awareness

Now that you have been successful in determining the fake news then you should go ahead and aware everyone about it so that they don’t fall for that scam. Being a good citizen it is your responsibility to let people know if they are being fooled.