Art is a thing which we have been doing since we were kids and there is no such person in the world or no such school in the world who wouldn’t do or teach art. This has been proven that art is a way of expressing your inner feelings. Art is a mechanism that is used by psychologists and therapists for getting a sense of the patient’s mental stability. The basic picture that we see in the movies that a kid or an adult sees a picture of butterfly and some describe it as butterfly and some see it a weapon any other negative thing.

Paints or you can say art is used by doctors in pointing out the disease in a person in the MRI or CT scans. Art has some amazing history and we all know that art has been around since ages but did you know that art has some amazing facts as well? And the first fact about art is that it used to be an Olympic event. You must be thinking that Olympics was always about games and winnings medals but this is not true, art was the basic foundation of Olympics. Baron Pierre de Coubertin was the father of modern games which is now called Olympics. Then instead of games people used to paint or make big sculptures for the kings and queens and the winner used to get a higher designation in the kingdom.

When we talk about art, the first image that clicks is the Mona Lisa. The true meaning of art which is loved by billions and people have now made a copy of her which is also sold in millions. But the original Mona Lisa is priceless and it cannot be sold or bought. People have loved Mona Lisa a lot and till date she receives mails even though she cannot read but the people’s mails get displayed on the internet and there are even exhibitions where people’s notes are displayed. You won’t believe the next thing you will be reading, there was an artist Luc Maspero who jumped off a cliff and leaving a note that said, ‘for years i have grappled desperately with her smile, I prefer to die.’ This was his final notes and this has been recorded as the most passionate person for art as yet.