For a cleaning company to gain positive reviews, emphasis need to be placed on understanding a customer’s passion regarding their furniture. A company that deals in upholstery cleaning in Dubai alongwith sofa cleaning within Dubai, have a lot of work to do when it comes to satisfying customers in every possible way. 

Antique furniture: There are numerous reasons for customers being too passionate about their furniture and one of the most common reason is that they are of great value to the customer. Customers have personal attachments to antique furniture. These furniture are carried down through generations. They are placed in a manner to keep them out of harm’s way, such is their value for possessive customers. Most of them have high monetary values as they could have been auctioned and then finally bough by a customer who is into vintage furniture.

Handle with care: It is imperative that the cleaning company should hire reputable cleaners having the right skills to deal in cleaning upholsteries of antique furniture. The fact that such furniture are kept mostly in an attic or basement with minimal cleaning done over the years goes on to show the cleaning staff needs to be careful. Over the years furniture age too so it is imperative that cleaners should not use products that contain strong chemicals which could cause damage. The cleaning staff should use appropriate techniques so that upholsteries are not damaged while being cleaned.

Risk in not training the staff: Failure in training the staff to manage upholsteries of antique furniture would just end up making the whole process of cleaning costly. It is not the question of just paying the cleaners their respective salaries since there is a cost to training them and fuel being used to send cleaners to various houses. It would get more complicated should one of the employees use improper techniques in the cleaning of antique furniture. Keeping in mind that antique furniture are highly valued and it depends on the amount of damage on their upholsteries, the company has to end up paying hefty amounts. Should the company not agree to pay the customer for the damaged caused, then it would lead to a potential law suit. This also means the company has to hire a well reputable lawyer who would demand to be paid in huge amounts.