There are different types of glass used in the vehicles such as ballistic glass, bullet proof glass, laminated glass and tampered glass. The application of these types of glass is increasing day by day over conventional glass. These are also available in market such as bulletproof glass windows, ballistic glass windows. If you own a car, then you may need of different types of glass. There are different types of glass but before purchasing any sort of glass for your vehicle you should get complete information from internet. So here is complete guide for you regarding ballistic glass.

What is ballistic glass?

This is the type of glass which provides protection and security from different types of weapons ammunition. This type of glass is made up of different layers of laminated glass and layers of different sorts of materials. It is also known as bulletproof glass. It is manufactured under strict quality control conditions and these are designed in such a way that they can absorb explosive energy. So it is also used to provide protection persons from injuries and from fatal accidents. With the advancement in technology, now advancement in the manufacturing procedures of ballistic glass is also increasing day by day. And now these are lighter in weight and are thinner.

These are basically designed to provide protection from bullet. So thickness of these types of glass vary from each other. These glass are made of polycarbonate panes between the float glass sheets. These types of glass are available in different colors, shape and sizes.

Advantages of ballistic glass:

  • These provide safety and security.
  • These types of glass have multiple layers of float glass and polycarbonate.
  • These can also be combined with other glass features such as thermal insulation, fire resistance etc.
  • These are more durable as compare to other glass.

Application of ballistic glass:

  • These types glass are used in military institutions.
  • These are used in banks where high security is required to ensure safety of payment.
  • These are used in petrol stations where extra care and security is required from fuel.
  • These are used in civilian and military vehicles in which high security is required and they need protection from bullets.
  • These are also used in public buildings.
  • These are used in government buildings such as post offices, telephone exchange etc.