When there is a talk about eating disorder then most of the people will only know about the two major terms or conditions, one in which the patient will start eating too much of the food and the other in which they do not eat at all. But in the reality there are many different sub-categories in that comes under this problem and to get rid of it people should go to the eating disorder treatment even if you have someone with eth same problem then you have to take them to the nearest center and start treating them with the help of psychiatrist in Dubai. If you want to know more about it then read this below:

When people are start eating too much at some certain time of the day and the desire to eat more and more is increased in them then they need to have some professional help to cope with the situation. These people will it realize that they are overeating until their stomach start hurting and even then there is urge in them to eat more but they will stop just because they start feeling a very heavy stomach.

Control over eating is the main problem in eating disorders. At one extreme people will not be able to stop eating and on the other extreme some people will not eat at all just because they feel like they are overweight. In their thinking they are losing their weight just by not eating anything for many days. There is also the problem of not controlling their eating habit and they will get obese over time if they do not do anything else to reduce the weight. Another variation in this disorder is that some people will star feeling guilt after taking too much food and then they will with vomit forcefully to eject all the excess food or they start exercising which will maintain their weight to some extent.

In one condition people will start realizing their problem and then they will be guilty of eating too much and to tackle that situation they will do other things to keep their weight in their control. On the other hand there is another variation if this disease in which the person is not even guilty about their disorder so they do not do anything to maintain weight