It should be made mandatory for hospitals throughout Dubai to be equipped with neonatal screenings. Neonatal screenings have proven to be successful in detecting any odd developments amongst newborns. For instance a newborn been screened has been diagnosed with weak lungs and hearing impairment or possible deafness. This calls for a visit to a pediatrician which is the norm and from then newborn will be referred to the best ENT doctor in Dubai. The fact that pediatricians monitor newborns as they grow over time, should health of the skin, hair or nails look odd, once they become adults are referred to the best dermatologists in Dubai. It is imperative that a hospital has a team of doctors to cater to newborns and once they develop into adults.

Post neonatal screenings: Once a newborn has been diagnosed for any odd development by the relevant pediatrician and ENT doctors after a series of tests and examinations. In case of being hearing impaired, the ENT doctor refers the newborn to a team of audiologists and speech and language therapists. The audiologist job is to determine the loss of hearing and that too in either ear or both. In case of severe hearing impairment, the newborn is equipped with hearing aids which should help them along with a language therapist working on their speech. Overtime once the patient is comfortable and is given the green signal from relevant doctors, a cochlear implant surgery should be considered. The newborn could be diagnosed with asthma from neonatal screenings and from then an ENT would advise parents to keep their child involved in physical activities to make the lungs stronger which allows for smoother breathing within the throat.

Thinking long term: It is imperative that parents work on their child’s asthmatic conditions by keeping tabs on the nutritional diet  and play different sports. The result would lead to less asthma attacks which allows the throat to function normally. The downside of playing sports would mean they would be exposed to the sun which can damage the skin through tanning and possibly can lead to skin cancer over the course of time. Parents need to be aware and prepare the child for the longer run by having a reliable dermatologist in place. Dermatologists do an amazing job of repairing burnt skins and prescribing strong medications which are not found in the market.