If it wasn’t for restaurants, our lives would have been so different, imagine we had to cook even we were not feeling well or when it was any celebration like a wedding, we had to gather the whole family or whole lot of friends to cook food for everyone. So, restaurants have been doing a favor for us from the time that we cannot count. There are some of the world’s most expensive restaurants and there some really cheap ones but both serve the same purpose but all have different styles. But we have a list that will leave you shocked because we will tell you about the world’s weirdest yet most visited restaurants that also offer diet food in Dubai.

Restaurants are known for being hygienic and they have to have everything clean but there is a restaurants Taipei, Taiwan which is named as Modern Toilets. Yes, toilets, and you actually get served in toilet seats and the food in served in them. Even the shape of the food like poo and the drinks have the color of pee. We know that this might seem disgusting to read but they actually have millions of customers on daily basis and people visit them from different countries. They actually have a website which has menu and the name of the dishes are very funny as well.

Then there is a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand called the Cabbage and Condoms. We really hoped that it should have been a joke and we actually searched the internet and found out that this is true. And this restaurant has some of the weirdest mannequins for welcoming the guests. The mannequins are not wearing any clothes, well that wouldn’t have been a problem but the actual problem is that those mannequins are covered with condoms, new. Actually, their dresses are made up of different condoms of different flavors. And people from all around visit their restaurant to take a selfie with the condom covered mannequins. But we are still unsure what has cabbage to do anything with the whole idea of naming it because when we checked out the menu there was no special dish of cabbage.

Then there is a Ninja New York, this is a high-end Japanese restaurant in New York and they have a full Japanese Ninja themed restaurant. It also offers healthy meal delivery in Dubai.