IBS is getting very common in people of this era due to several reasons and one of the reason is the increased use of fatty foods which take a lot more time to digest and will be stored in our body making it obese and when a person start getting more weight then he or she will be getting the chances of different diseases more than other people of the same age with lower weight. People should start getting vegan diet plan from good nutritionists and then they have to act upon the advices of their nutritionists to get a healthy lifestyle. IBS is short form for irritable bowel syndrome that often happen due to the genetics and also due to the unhygienic diet which people take. To know more factors behind this disease, you have to see this:

Age: It is the most important factor behind this disease because with the age people are more prone to getting diseases even the diseases which are there on the body from years and do not harm to the body, will come forward and start showing their effect on the body. It all happens because with time body will become weak and if not taken care properly then it will get lots of diseases including IBS.

Rapid weight change: It is more like a symptom than the factor of IBS because in this disease people will start losing their weight rapidly in an attempt to have lean body and to shed their extra weight. When they lose weight in unhealthy manner then they often get rid of their necessary body water and if they stop taking advisable amount of water daily then they will get this disease for sure. That is why it is important to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Bleeding: When a person gets low quantity of water or when they eat hard to digest food then they will experience bleeding from their rectum because of IBS. When the bowel become hard due to less water or any other reason then people will find it difficult to pass the stool and in an attempt to get rid of it they might damage their other organs too. They will damage their intestine for pressing hard and also they will get cut and bleeding from rectum. It will be a very painful experience so get treatment ASAP.