Barbers have some great respect when it comes to getting services or making a career out of it. Because the barbers will be helping people getting all groomed up for their special day or just maintaining yourself. Barber is not just any person who cuts hair and styles your beard, he is a person who will be standing on his legs for hours just to give you the best look and to make you feel good. So, whenever you visit a salon and you have a lot of services, make sure to tip the barber. But just like any other career, being a barber has some amazing facts as well.

And the first amazing fact is that the word barber was derived from a Latin word called barba which means beard. Barbers had a very difficult task back in the old days because in the 1700’s the barbers not only cut the hair and trim the beard, but they were also surgeons who cut the flesh. Yes, they used to cut the flesh for people who had some infected area or some skin that had allergies. But this was banned very soon because the medicines advanced and they knew how to stop skin problems. And barbers were then left with just cutting the hair and beard. You and we should thank God for the revolution in medicine. This also means that the barbers once gave tough competition to surgeons.

You just read that they were surgeons but there was a time when barbers also used to treat teeth, even though there were dentists but there was a trend when people would love to have the Dracula teeth and no dentist would do it. So, people knew that the barbers had small and sharp blades, people would get their teeth sharpened. And in that same era the barbers used to do nails of the men, and from that time, manicure and pedicure was made common for men as well. Reading this article, you must be thinking how barbaric were barbers, but wait till you read this, early barbers used urine-based formulated for shampooing the hair. 

We still don’t know the actual starting date of people cutting hair because some Archeologists found remnants of comb and blades from caves of Egypt. But all is new now and if you want to get a haircut visit any hair dresser in Dubai Marina and click this link below to learn more about new haircuts and latest beard styles.